Houser's Hank CD MH

FC AFC Citori's Alma Mater MH

Houser's Hotrod Mustang Maggie CD MH

Houser's Bettin' on a Jackpot CGC BN JH

Houser's Ford X Ford BN MH

Houser's Hotrod Hellion on Heels BN SH

​Houser's Hotrod Life in the Fast Lane JH

Houser's Hurricane Henry BN SH

Jaxi after a late season snow goose hunt.

Maggie on a water blind during training.

Here are a few pictures of us hunting and training.

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Maggie posing with her Master Hunt Test ribbon.

HQ Labs after a doubleheader Hunt Test

Hank and Maggie with their Master Hunt Test ribbons.

Hawkeye bringing back his bird.

Shelby with a nice Canvasback

Henry training in North Dakota.

Cash after a hunt.